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Roam the dark of the Nostromo shuttle and kick ass!

The ship Nostrami has been incommunicado for 48 hours now. We need you Master Chef with your abnormally sized head to investigate. Explore the dark corridors of Nostrami and remember kill first, ask questions later!

Alien Scumbags is not a game to be missed if you enjoy 2D sci-fi shooters!ItsATrappProudctions


  • 10 areas to cause carnage (4 available in the demo)
  • Lovingly handcrafted 8 bit graphics
  • Original dark ambient soundtrack
  • Pick up bonus's for new characters, guns and more
  • Find out what happened to the crew by collecting audio tapes

Alien Scumbags is absolutely a brilliant game with great pixel art , music and a brilliant level design - Domenico_Pentangelo_1

Come say hello on our Discord https://discord.gg/m554Wp8

The subtle little bits of comedy thrown into the bloody mix make me chuckle. - SILSKY

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Update news

Version 7.7.0

  • Manual reload added
  • Guns now have recoil
  • More lighting in levels
  • More chance of getting characters from capsule machines
  • Control changes for menu
  • Controls added to pause menu
  • Some UI changes
  • Sound/gfx fixes
  • Lots more story content
  • Inventory system added
  • Zombies have a new ability
  • Acid pools now interact better
  • Fridge improvements
  • Can now collect medkits again if life is full
  • some new effects
  • Vending machine can now be blown up
  • Face bugger improvements

Version 7.5.5

  • 2 new skill levels
  • Dummy object fix
  • Run animation speed fix
  • More visual effects added
  • New song for L9
  • More procedural events added
  • Audio fixes
  • New secret areas added

Version 7.4.0

  • Fixed issue on L9 with locker/character visibility
  • Siren SFX volume reduced
  • Glow added for mech bullets
  • Fix for Dead Space Guy in mech
  • Bombs now stick to moving platforms
  • Mirror fix
  • Egg SFX no longer destroys your ears
  • Volume changed for empty shotgun shell
  • More destructible scenery
  • Tutorial light fix
  • Level 8, 6 and 9 FPS fixes
  • New kill types added
  • New enemy
  • New song for L6

Version 7.2.1

  • New voice work for Master Chef
  • Fixed Screen sizing bug
  • Pause menu bug fix for L6
  • Highscore screen issue fix
  • Mirror fixes
  • More SFX
  • Capsule machine bug fixes
  • Lazer is more powerful
  • Trajectory blood trails added
  • Screen can no longer scroll when dead
  • Enemy count issue fixed
  • FPS fixes across all levels
  • Improved Alien AI
  • Level 7 added
  • Gore now drips from ceiling
  • Run in locker bug fix
  • Score text fix
  • Explosive barrels added

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Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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Alien Scumbags Demo 7.5.2.exe 29 MB

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